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We here at Inside Texas Track want to know what was the greatest moment you have ever witnessed in Texas Track & Field history.  It could have been something you were able to witness in person, or something you watched on TV.  As long as it has Texas Ties.  For example, you may have watched Carl Lewis win his 4th gold Olympic medal in the long jump back in 1996, when the odds were against him, or witness Michael Carter heave a shot put that hit the back wall at the old Memorial stadium down in Austin.  Those old Texas trackheads knows exactly the wall I am talking about.  Or it could be when your baby brought their team from last to first on a 4x100.  Whatever that moment was, let us know so we can add it here.   Email us your response at  You can give us your name or not. We look forward to getting your responses. I will start it off.

Tell Us Your Greatest Moment Story...


I have been around Texas track for a lot of years.  I have seen so much in my lifetime.  I guess the greatest moment I have witnessed was back in 1990 at the Texas Relays.  I was a senior in high school and it was my first time at the Texas Relays.  It was in the University 4x200 relay.  Anchor leg, Baylor was in 3rd place and was about  15 meters back, it looked like a lot more with the stagger.  Anyway, Michael Johnson got the stick and when I say he rolled up the anchor, he did exactly that.  It looked like someone pushed a fast forward button and he was the only one affected by it.  TCU's anchor leg got caught before they got to the straight.  Then he proceeded to put distance on them.  When it was all said and done, the announcer yelled out..."18.5 split for Baylor's anchor".  It looked like an 18.5.  The fastest split I have ever witnessed with my eyes.  Still the greatest moment I have seen.



State track meets my 5th-8th grade years were unbelievable. Jeremy Wariner, Kelly Willie, Kerron Clement, DeBryan Blanton, Brendan Christian, Edorian McCullough...watching those guys run in Austin are some of the best memories of my childhood.

Cameron Cox

Most recently, watching


win 21 consecutive races in indoor and outdoor seasons that included 2 NCAA championships in the 800 M.


Nancy Surber

Winning the 1994 SWC 400m....smiling
Drexel Long

When SOC ran in the black ninja suits...and rolled everyone
Dasha Patterson Tolbert

Forest Brook running 39 in the 4x1. All right handed exchanges Willie Hordge I'm still scratching my head on that one lol

Kelly Willie

Dallas Skyline state meet 4x100 relay 44.60 one of the greatest moments especially for those group of young ladies.

Lisa Jackson

1985.....TEXAS RELAYS......Robot trying to catch Henry Thomas from Hawthorne on the anchor leg. Robot ran a 43.94 split and STILL couldn't catch Thomas. That 1600 meter relay record of 3:07 high school STILL stands in 2017.

1988 TEXAS 5A STATE CHAMPIONSHIP........Austin Reagan breaking the National Relay 400 meter record with a 40.00.......same meet....Marlin Cannon from SOC runs a 45.8 400 meter dash....IN LANE 8.

ANYTHING HOUSTON STERLING GIRLS HIGH SCHOOL....Nichole Hudson and Lytonia Maryland......MAN!!!! I saw them break or tie so many National records it's a shame. LOL

CJ Johnson

Old school way back.
1998 State Track Meet Ft Worth OD Wyatt running out of lane 1 sets the 4x100 relay record breaking the 40s barrier with a time of 39.76. Anchor leg Demario Wesley with a split of 9.04 sec. and 2nd leg Montie Clopton has split of 9.60. Record still stands today.

Ritch Furlow

Coach Reynolds as a freshman in high school a moment in history at the State Track 1978 I witness Johnny Lamb Jones catch the field over 200 yards come back and win the 4x440 relay which back then we ran in yards not meters

Kenneth Reynolds

Poteet Boys&Girls placed 2nd as a #TEAM at the 2017 District 30 4A meet! #makinghistory#aggiepride

Coach Waters

I witnessed my daughter not only PR in triple but also take home 2017 District Champ in Long &Triple Jump last week!!

Adriana Trevino‏